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Meet our team

Comprised of USACO Finalists and top USACO competitors, our team is committed to increasing participation in competitive programming.

  • Nathan Wang

    Nathan Wang

    Board of Directors / 3x Finalist

  • Maggie Liu

    Maggie Liu


  • Melody Yu

    Melody Yu


  • Daniel Guan

    Daniel Guan

    Director of Classes / Finalist

  • Jeffrey Meng

    Jeffrey Meng

    Director of Operations

  • Darren Yao

    Darren Yao

    Director of Outreach

  • Michael Cao

    Michael Cao

    Director of Clubs

  • Benjamin Qi

    Benjamin Qi

    Former Director of USACO Guide / 2x IOI Winner

  • Andrew Wang

    Andrew Wang

    Former Secretary

  • Nathan Chen

    Nathan Chen

    Former Treasurer / 2x Finalist