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Meet our team

Comprised of USACO Finalists and top USACO competitors, our team is committed to increasing participation in competitive programming.

  • Nathan Wang

    Nathan Wang

    Founding MemberBoard3x FinalistWeb DeveloperSelf-Study Classes
  • Darren Yao

    Darren Yao

    Founding MemberBoard
  • Benjamin Qi

    Benjamin Qi

    Founding MemberContent Director2x IOI Winner
  • Maggie Liu

    Maggie Liu

    ExecutiveWeb DeveloperSelf-Study Classes
  • Melody Yu

    Melody Yu

    ExecutiveDirector of OutreachSelf-Study Classes
  • Daniel Guan

    Daniel Guan

    Founding MemberDirector of ClassesFinalist
  • Jeffrey Meng

    Jeffrey Meng

    Director of OperationsSelf-Study Classes
  • Michael Cao

    Michael Cao

    Founding MemberDirector of Clubs
  • Bing-Dong Liu

    Bing-Dong Liu

    Content ManagerLive Classes
  • Harry Wang

    Harry Wang

    Content ManagerSelf-Study Classes
  • Neo Wang

    Neo Wang

    Content ManagerSelf-Study ClassesWeb Developer
  • Jay Fu

    Jay Fu

    Director of ClassesLive ClassesSelf-Study Classes
  • Amy Chang

    Amy Chang

    Director of ClassesLive ClassesSelf-Study Classes
    • Andi Qu

      Andi Qu

      Founding Member
    • Andrew Wang

      Andrew Wang

      Founding MemberFormer Secretary
    • Nathan Chen

      Nathan Chen

      Founding MemberFormer Treasurer2x Finalist
    • Siyong Huang

      Siyong Huang

      Founding Member
    • Arpan Banerjee

      Arpan Banerjee

      Curriculum DeveloperContent AuthorSelf-Study Classes
    • Nikhil Chatterjee

      Nikhil Chatterjee

      Live ClassesSelf-Study ClassesCurriculum Developer
      • Ryan Chou

        Ryan Chou

        Live ClassesSelf-Study ClassesContent Author
      • Albert Zhu

        Albert Zhu

        Self-Study ClassesCurriculum Developer
        • Amogha Pokkulandra

          Amogha Pokkulandra

          Live ClassesSelf-Study Classes
        • Atharv Jain

          Atharv Jain

          Live ClassesSelf-Study Classes
        • David Li

          David Li

          Live ClassesSelf-Study Classes
          • David Zhang

            David Zhang

            Live ClassesSelf-Study Classes
            • Dustin Miao

              Dustin Miao

              Live ClassesContent Author
            • Nathan Gong

              Nathan Gong

              Web DeveloperContent Author
            • Oscar Rendón

              Oscar Rendón

              Web DeveloperCurriculum Developer
            • Varun Ragunath

              Varun Ragunath

              Live ClassesSelf-Study Classes
              • Vikas Thoutam

                Vikas Thoutam

                Live ClassesSelf-Study Classes
              • Adham Ibrahim

                Adham Ibrahim

                Live Classes
              • Ben Dodge

                Ben Dodge

                Content Author
              • Jesse Choe

                Jesse Choe

                Content Author
              • Jonathan Paulson

                Jonathan Paulson

                Self-Study Classes
              • Mrinall Umasudhan

                Mrinall Umasudhan

                Web Developer
              • Pranav Jadhav

                Pranav Jadhav

                Curriculum Developer
              • Sofia Yang

                Sofia Yang

                Content Author
              • Vivian Han

                Vivian Han

                Self-Study Classes
              • Yifan Ma

                Yifan Ma

                Self-Study Classes