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We promote competitive programming among students through resources, classes, outreach, and contests.


Jun 4, 2022

Create Your Own USACO Guide Group

We're opening access to USACO Guide Groups to everyone! Groups is a learning management system that allows assigning problems, posting announcements, and tracking progress with a leaderboard. Now, you're able to create your own group and invite your friends -- go to the groups page to get started.

Sept 5, 2021

USACO Guide Groups Public Beta

USACO Guide Groups is a learning management system that allows you to post announcements and assign problems to group members. It also includes a live leaderboard to encourage competition! Access is now available to the public; if you want to create a group, fill out this form.

Mar 5, 2021

USACO February Problems Added

All problems from the USACO 2021 February Contest have been added to the USACO problem table here.

Jan 28, 2021

USACO January Problems Added

All problems from the USACO 2021 January Contest have been added to the USACO problem table here.

Dec 26, 2020

USACO December Problems Added

All problems from the USACO 2020 December Contest have been added to the USACO problem table here.

Oct 25, 2020

We're Open Source!

If this project has helped you, consider giving us a star on Github! As a fully open source project, we depend on community members like you to improve our product. Check out the contributing module to learn how you can help make the USACO Guide better.

July 27, 2020

Looking for Contributors

We're particularly interested in Bronze - Gold competitors who are willing to review most (if not all) of the modules in their corresponding divisions. Check the module about contributing for details regarding what this would entail.

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Meet our team

Comprised of USACO Finalists and top USACO competitors, our team is committed to increasing participation in competitive programming.

  • Benjamin Qi

    Benjamin Qi

  • Darren Yao

    Darren Yao

  • Maggie Liu

    Maggie Liu

  • Michael Cao

    Michael Cao

  • Nathan Wang

    Nathan Wang

  • Evan Zhao

    Evan Zhao

  • Melody Yu

    Melody Yu

  • Alex Wang

    Alex Wang

  • Bing-Dong Liu

    Bing-Dong Liu

  • Daniel Guan

    Daniel Guan

  • Jesse Choe

    Jesse Choe

  • Justin Huang

    Justin Huang

  • Ryan Chou

    Ryan Chou

  • Trisha Sabadra

    Trisha Sabadra

  • Varun Ragunath

    Varun Ragunath

  • Andi Qu

    Andi Qu

  • Andrew Wang

    Andrew Wang

  • Nathan Chen

    Nathan Chen

  • Siyong Huang

    Siyong Huang

  • Aadit Ambadkar

    Aadit Ambadkar

  • Aditya Gupta

    Aditya Gupta

  • Akshat Singhania

    Akshat Singhania

  • Albert Jiang

    Albert Jiang

  • Andrew Xu

    Andrew Xu

  • Chuyang Wang

    Chuyang Wang

  • Dustin Miao

    Dustin Miao

  • Eric Xu

    Eric Xu

  • Faris Raza

    Faris Raza

  • Frank Xiao

    Frank Xiao

  • Harsh Akunuri

    Harsh Akunuri

  • Jeffrey Zhang

    Jeffrey Zhang

  • Lokesh Pampatti

    Lokesh Pampatti

  • Nathan Zhang

    Nathan Zhang

  • Nikhil Chatterjee

    Nikhil Chatterjee

  • Omar Ahmed

    Omar Ahmed

  • Paul Chen

    Paul Chen

  • Riley Bonner

    Riley Bonner

  • Rishabh Agarwal

    Rishabh Agarwal

  • Stanley Zhao

    Stanley Zhao

  • Tianqin Meng

    Tianqin Meng

Former Team Members

  • Amy Chang

    Amy Chang

  • Arpan Banerjee

    Arpan Banerjee

  • Jay Fu

    Jay Fu

  • Neo Wang

    Neo Wang

  • Albert Zhu

    Albert Zhu

  • Amogha Pokkulandra

    Amogha Pokkulandra

  • Ananth Kashyap

    Ananth Kashyap

  • Atharv Jain

    Atharv Jain

  • David Li

    David Li

  • David Zhang

    David Zhang

  • Harry Wang

    Harry Wang

  • Jeffrey Meng

    Jeffrey Meng

  • Juheon Rhee

    Juheon Rhee

  • Nathan Gong

    Nathan Gong

  • Pranav Jadhav

    Pranav Jadhav

  • Vikas Thoutam

    Vikas Thoutam

  • Adham Ibrahim

    Adham Ibrahim

  • Akshar Yeccherla

    Akshar Yeccherla

  • Alex Chen

    Alex Chen

  • Arnan Bawa

    Arnan Bawa

  • Arnav Adhikari

    Arnav Adhikari

  • Ben Dodge

    Ben Dodge

  • Ian Zhang

    Ian Zhang

  • Jason Antwi-Appah

    Jason Antwi-Appah

  • John Tian

    John Tian

  • Jonathan Paulson

    Jonathan Paulson

  • Mithil Srungarapu

    Mithil Srungarapu

  • Mrinall Umasudhan

    Mrinall Umasudhan

  • Oscar Rendón

    Oscar Rendón

  • Shikhar Ahuja

    Shikhar Ahuja

  • Sofia Yang

    Sofia Yang

  • Vidith Madhu

    Vidith Madhu

  • Vivian Han

    Vivian Han

  • Yifan Ma

    Yifan Ma