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Get access to curriculum, problemsets, and contests tailored for competitive programming or computer science clubs, created by past USACO Finalists.

Teaching Resources (Early Access)

We provide slideshows and problemsets for USACO Bronze and Silver, based off of the USACO Guide. Each division is designed to be completed in roughly one semester.

Example Slideshow

Club Learning Management System (Early Access)

Use a Learning Management System that's fully integrated with the USACO Guide to post announcements and assign problems to club members. Includes a live leaderboard to encourage competition!

Club LMS

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Current Clubs

Join our rapidly expanding community of competitive programming clubs from all across the world!

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    Monta Vista High School


  • Branham High School

    Branham High School


  • Gretchen Whitney High School

    Gretchen Whitney High School


  • Rickards High School

    Rickards High School


  • Suncoast Community HS

    Suncoast Community HS