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Programming Contests
for High Schoolers.

Join high-quality programming contests hosted by students, for students. These contests are partnered and part of the CPI Competition Program.

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High-quality contests hosted with CPI.

Organizing a new contest isn't easy, and neither is keeping a contest running for many years. Get access to resources, manpower, and support to host your high school programming contest.

Partnered Tournaments

TJ Invitational Open In Informatics (TJIOI)

WWPIT is a round-based informatics tournament with advanced and novice divisions targeting competitive programmers of all skill levels, hosted by students at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South.

TJ Invitational Open In Informatics (TJIOI)

The TJ Invitational Open In Informatics (TJIOI) is Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology’s annual programming contest, designed to encourage the involvement of middle and high schoolers with computer science.

The CALICO Informatics Competition

The CALICO Informatics Competition is a high-school programming competition hosted by students at UC Berkeley. We create contest problems to promote the understanding of useful algorithms and encourage students to grow their problem-solving skills!

Lexington Informatics Tournament (LIT)

LIT (Lexington Informatics Tournament) is a competitive programming tournament for middle/high school students, hosted by members of the LexMACS club from Lexington High School, along with many guest problemsetters/testers.

The Andover Computing Open (TACO)

The Andover Computing Open (TACO) is a secondary school tournament run and designed by Phillips Academy Andover students. Compete for prizes, attend workshops, and join a community of programmers!

Bay Area Programming Contest (BAPC)

Bay Area Programming Contest is an in-person contest in ICPC format, with an online mirror also available. This contest is hosted by the Gunn Competitive Programming Club.


alGIRLithm is a student-led high school programming contest working to inspire the next generation of female computer scientists by making competitive programming accessible to high school girls. Girls with all levels of experience in competitive programming are encouraged to join!


TeamsCode is a student-run 501(c)(3) non-profit that works to encourage middle school and high school students to study computer science. We work with teachers and sponsors to create awesome programming contests – both online and in-person!

Unique Contest Hosting Platform

We are proud to announce that we are partnered with ProCo, a unique contest hosting platform. ProCo allows students to host their own contests and events easily.

Free of Charge

ProCo allows users to host and run their own contests on their platform at no cost. Nothing on the platform is locked behind a paywall.

Easy to Use

ProCo offers easy problem submissions and clean UI to expedite the process of hosting a contest.

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