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CP Contests

Get better at USACO by participating in monthly, beginner-focused Competitive Programming Contests! Targeted to both school clubs and individual contestants.

We're also looking for problem contributions!

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Pick your division.

Our contests come in two divisions: One for Bronze/Silver contestants and another for Silver/Gold contestants.

Division 2


For school clubs and bronze/silver contestants. Problems get harder throughout the year.

  • Incremental difficulty

  • Follows our Club Curriculum

  • Covers Bronze and Basic Silver

  • Open to everyone! Teams allowed :)

Division 1


For school clubs and silver/gold contestants. Problems are in the hard silver / easy gold range.

  • Static Difficulty

  • Designed for second-year contestants

  • Covers Advanced Silver / Gold

  • Open to everyone! Teams allowed :)

School Clubs

Running a school CS/CP club? We can help! Apply to be part of CPI and get access to curriculum, problemsets, and contests!

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