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Learn USACO through affordable, high-quality classes with vetted, experienced instructors and a curriculum designed and developed by past USACO Finalists. Note: The fall session has ended. Click the button below to get notified of future sessions!

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Why Us?

Premium Quality, Affordable Cost.

Affordable doesn't mean low-quality.With a team of past USACO Finalists, we've created classes of the highest possible caliber that are just as competitive as more expensive alternatives.

Office Hours:

In order to ensure student success, we host office hours every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00-6:00pm PT where students can ask for help from instructors.

Vetted Instructors

Our vetted instructors are not only experts in their domains, but are also experienced instructors.

Learning Management System

Our hand-crafted Learning Management System comes with a leaderboard to incentivize friendly competition!

Trusted Curriculum

Our curriculum-writing team is comprised of multiple USACO Finalists with extensive competitive experience.

Financial Aid Available

Our goal is to make competitive programming accessible for everyone. If you can't pay, you can attend classes for free.

Affordable Cost

As a nonprofit organization, we strive to make classes as affordable as possible. Each registration costs $100.

Integrated with the USACO Guide

Each lesson has a corresponding module from the USACO Guide, where you can review a concept or find additional practice.

Course Info

Class Format

A CPI course consists of 9 weekly classes, each of which lasts 2 hours. Classes will go over challenging example problems and contain problemsets for homework.

All classes will be recorded, so don't worry if you are unable to attend every class!

Classes follow a flipped learning model to maximize the amount of time students have to ask instructors questions. Our curriculum is modeled off the USACO Guide. There will be weekly office hours for students to get help from instructors.

Seats are limited. First come first served, so make sure to sign up soon!

Class Schedule

  • Introductory Class (Bronze) - Sundays, 4:00-6:00pm PT. 10/9/22 to 12/11/22 (skip 11/27).
  • Intermediate Class (Silver) - Saturdays, 4:00-6:00pm PT. 10/8/22 to 12/10/22 (skip 11/26).


These classes are not for profit — instructors are unpaid and volunteer their time to help USACO contestants. We ask for a $100 fee to help support the creation of these classes and the infrastructure for the resources we provide such as the USACO Guide.

Financial aid is available. If you are unable to pay the full amount, just let us know!

Programming Language

Both C++ and Java are acceptable for the class. While our class will primarily use Java, instructors are fully able to assist C++ users as well.

Class Levels

Pick your class.

Our classes come in two levels: One for beginner Bronze contestants and another for USACO Silver contestants.

USACO Bronze


Teaches the necessary techniques needed to pass USACO Bronze. For students with basic programming experience.

  • Sundays, 4-6pm PT. 10/9/22 to 12/11/22 (skip 11/27).

  • File / Fast I/O

  • Time Complexity

  • Data Structures and Simulation

  • Basic Complete Search

  • Complete Search with Recursion

  • Sorting + Sets & Maps

  • Ad Hoc Problems

  • Introduction to Greedy Algorithms

  • Introduction to Graphs

USACO Silver


Teaches the necessary techniques needed to pass the USACO Silver contest. For students who already know Bronze-level concepts.

  • Saturdays, 4-6pm PT. 10/8/22 to 12/10/22 (skip 11/26).

  • Prefix Sums

  • Sorting with Custom Comparators

  • Two Pointers

  • More Operations on Sorted Sets

  • Greedy Algorithms with Sorting

  • Binary Search

  • Depth First Search

  • Flood Fill

  • Introduction to Tree Algorithms

Meet our instructors

With a curriculum designed by past USACO Finalists and thoroughly vetted instructors, students are in good hands.

  • Varun Ragunath

    Varun Ragunath

    Project Manager of Classes / Silver Lead Instructor / Finalist

  • Evan Zhao

    Evan Zhao

    Bronze Lead Instructor

  • Ian Zhang

    Ian Zhang

    Silver Instructor

  • Frank Xiao

    Frank Xiao

    Bronze Instructor

  • Jesse Choe

    Jesse Choe

    Silver Instructor

  • Nikhil Chatterjee

    Nikhil Chatterjee

    Silver + Bronze Instructor

  • Ryan Chou

    Ryan Chou

    Bronze Instructor

  • Juheon Rhee

    Juheon Rhee

    Silver Instructor

  • Arnan Bawa

    Arnan Bawa

    Silver + Bronze Instructor

  • Trisha Sabadra

    Trisha Sabadra

    Bronze Instructor

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