March 6, 2022

USACO February Contest Solutions

Want to learn how to solve the USACO February Problems? Join this joint workshop with X-Camp on March 6 to gain a better understanding of the solutions from the contest! There will be two sessions: the Bronze and Silver divisions will be covered from 10am-12pm PST, and the Gold division will be discussed from 4pm-5pm PST.


  • 10am - 12pm PST
    • Bronze Solution Explanations
    • Silver Solution Explanations
  • 4pm - 5pm PST
    • Gold Solution Explanations

Meet the speakers

  • Maggie Liu

    Maggie Liu


  • Dustin Miao

    Dustin Miao

    Teacher / USACO Platinum

  • Evan Zhao

    Evan Zhao

    Teacher / USACO Platinum

  • Jesse Choe

    Jesse Choe

    Teacher / CPI

  • David Zhang

    David Zhang

    Teacher / CPI

  • Ryan Chou

    Ryan Chou

    Teacher / CPI

  • Kevin Sheng

    Kevin Sheng

    Teacher / CPI

  • Brendan Ruiz

    Brendan Ruiz

    Teacher / X-Camp Academic Director

  • Yizhong Ru

    Yizhong Ru

    Teacher / X-Camp / NOI 2012 Gold Medalist


X-Camp Academy

X-Camp Academy is a Silicon Valley based institute that offers coding classes for middle and high school students to achieve success at contests like USACO and beyond.

"We provide the most professional coding content and structured curriculum which keeps updating within the last 20 years, and we really care about how students can grow up happily and in the right direction. Our classes include Python, Java(APCS) and C++. In the 2021 USACO US Open, 10% of US Gold to Platinum students came from X-Camp, and one entered the US National Team Camp."