November 26th, 2023

IOI Team 2023 Livesolve & FAQ

Want to learn from some of the best in the world? Members of the USA's IOI Team are hosting a workshop where they'll demonstrate their problem-solving process and answer questions live!
November 26, 4:30PM PDT/7:30PM EDT!

Click here to join the zoom!

Meeting ID: 819 3007 0753 Passcode: 790637


  • IOI Team Introductions
  • IOI Members Leetcode Contest Live solve
  • Frequently Asked Questions answered by IOI Team
  • Open Q&A for IOI Team

Meet the speakers

  • Melody Yu

    Melody Yu

    Host / CPI

  • Rohin Garg

    Rohin Garg

    IOI 23 Gold Medalist

  • Austin Geng

    Austin Geng

    IOI 23 Gold Medalist

  • Agastya Goel

    Agastya Goel

    IOI 23 Gold Medalist